Take a peek at our centre!

Theatre Room & Music & Movement Rooms

A magical experience awaits in our music, movement, and theatre rooms. Music is a natural and important part of young children's growth and development, in which successful experiences help children bond emotionally and intellectually with others. Here, we sing, move, listen, create, and play instruments.

Visual Arts Room &
Art Gallery

This peaceful room is designed to offer each child an opportunity to explore a wide variety of materials. Our students are able to express themselves using many different medias, such as: clay, spray paint, oil paint, drawing, fibre, fabric, glue, and more. As Brene Brown once said, "Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world."

Nap Room

Our various nap rooms are where our infants and toddlers find rest in amongst their play-filled days. Every child's sleep schedule is respected and carried through by our Early Childhood Educators. A child is often found in the arms of a teacher, while being rocked back and forth to sleep with a lullaby being played gently in the background.


Freedom and safety were the key factors when this split-level playground was being designed. The lower level is geared up for running, jumping, shooting hoops, hula hoping and whatever else a wild imagination can come up with! In addition, we have authentic road signs and road markings in place, with an abundance of balls, nets, wheelie cars, trucks, cycles and carts to ride around in.

Our upper level playground is surrounded with plants and trees. We have a beautiful large sand pit that easily accommodates about 8 children with ease, with an assortment of buckets and spades, cars, trucks and other treasures that are be hidden in the sand. We have a large play tunnel that has a low sloping slide, with a foam mat surrounding.

Family Rooms

In this tranquil area, you will hear the sounds of water trickling softly in the background. Among comfortable seating, hot beverages and freshly baked goods are available for our families. Parents are welcome to relax and make a phone call or two, while their child attends their gradual entry week at the centre.

Jungle Play Area

The jungle is our indoor play area which we use on rainy days. The jungle is filled with elephants, a lion, a tiger and swinging monkeys on a tree, with hanging ropes for the children to climb. It also has soft rubber flooring to make it a safe environment for all.