Home Made Meals

healthy food habits

At Harbourside Children’s Centre, our goals are to promote the development of healthy food habits and to provide nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. 

Harbourside Children’s Centre believes that eating is a sensory, social, and learned behaviour.  We believe in a pleasant, homelike environment in which children can enjoy their meals and snack.  We also believe that the positive side of nutrition encourages good nutritional attitudes.


Harbourside Children’s Centre has a wonderful cook who prepares our scrumptious breakfast, our tasty lunch, and our delicious afternoon snack. 

“Chef” Luchie has been our wonderful cook for the last 5 Years. 

Milk is provided for breakfast and lunch and filtered water is always available at all times during the day. 

Our menus rotate on a 10 week basis with a new recipe on the menu every week. At the Centre, we also do not serve pork and pork products. 

We serve tuna only once a month.  All of our meals meet the requirements for a nutritional balanced diet and all of our meals have been approved

by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authorities. 



Harbourside Children’s Centre is accommodating to children’s food allergies, food restrictions, and special diets.  We believe in working with families

to ensure that the children have a healthy and satisfying meal even with various food restrictions.