Procedures and Requirements

Admissions to the Centre

In order for your child to be admitted to our centre, the family needs to visit the Centre, to observe, and to have an interview with Ms. Morris, the Director.


Family Tour of the Centre

Families are welcome to visit our Centre in the morning from 9:30 am – 12:00 noon and in the afternoon from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm. If these times do not suit your busy schedule, special appointments can be made with Ms. Reima or Ms. Morris to view the Centre at (604) 986-2388.


Meeting with the Director of the Centre

Families are welcome to have a meeting with the Director about the Centre’s philosophy and the programs offered. The purpose of the interview is to acquaint the parents with the philosophy of the Centre. Harbourside Children’s Centre suggests that the parents visit more than one centre so that they can make an informed decision for their child.


Application Form

Once a parent has decided to send his/her child to Harbourside Children’s Centre, an application form is filled out, signed, dated, and returned. The Application Form will then be entered into ourwaiting List. In the event that the preferred days are unavailable, your child’s name may be placed on our waiting list. In order to be fair to all applicants, the list is first-come, first-served but siblings of the children in our centre have priority before new families to the centre. Spaces are filled according to what is available. We try to give at least 2 months notice to families when there a space becomes available for their child.

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Fee Schedules:

The Starfish and Seal Room Fees (Click here)

The Dolphin and Orca Room Fees (Click here)


Offering Space to a New Family

When there is a childcare space available for your child, our Administrator will try to contact your family. She will also leave messages on the answering machine and she will send you a letter by email. After 3 working days and without success of a response, we have no other alternative but to offer the childcare space available to the next family on the list.


Application Fee and Childcare Space Deposit is needed to Secure Enrollment

If you accept the childcare space, within the 3 working days , a non-refundable application fee of $150 and a non-refundable “Space Deposit” which is equivalent to ½ a month’s tuition fees to secure your childcare space. The “Space Deposit” will be used towards your first month’s tuition.


Registration Package and Orientation Forms are given

Upon enrollment, parents fill out the registration package which includes the understanding and acceptance of the parent package and the parent contract agreement, child’s medical history, a copy of child’s birth certificate, web consent agreement, immunization history, and emergency information. In addition, families will be given a copy of the Orientation forms for them to fill out two weeks prior to the child’s start date.


Orientation Meeting with Classroom Educators

After applying and deciding on your child’s schedule with the Administrator, families will have an Orientation Meeting with your child’s Educator. This meeting is normally scheduled 2 weeks prior to your child’s start date at the centre. At this meeting, the parents will have the chance to ask questions and they will receive information specifically for your child’s classroom. The Family and the Educator(s) will review the forms that were given with the Registration Package. So, the Educators will have important information about your child. In addition, during this meeting, the New Family will have a classroom orientation. The New Family will be given a classroom item checklist and the Educator will set up your child’s gradual entry schedule.


Mandatory Parent Meeting

Mandatory Parent Meetings are set in the month of September for old and new families. The Mandatory Parent Meeting covers the Parent Handbook and Harbourside Children’s Centre’s Policies, The Parent Agreement Contract, the Classroom Curriculum, and the Homework Guidelines. It is expected that for families who do not attend the set meeting in September, the family will need to make arrangements with Ms. Morris for another time. All families must have their Mandatory Parent Meeting by the end of September of that year.

For families who start after September, the family will be expected to set up a Mandatory Parent Meeting with Ms. Morris prior to starting or during the Gradual Entry Week.