We strive to keep our families safe through strict COVID-19 protocols. Including:

If Your Child is Sick:

Children who have symptoms of a common cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other infectious respiratory diseases are to remain at home. Children may return to the centre once they are assessed by their family physician or nurse practitioner and it is determined that they do NOT have COVID-19 and their symptoms have resolved. If a parent, caregiver or staff member is unsure if they or a child should self-isolate, they will be directed to use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool, or contact 811 or their local public health unit. 

Prior to Entry:

We ask that parents use BrightWheel to complete their child's daily health checklist prior to arrival. The daily health checklist includes all the questions that is included in the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool.

Visitors Entry to the Centre:

Parents, caregivers, health-care providers, volunteers, and other non-staff adults (e.g., visitors) entering child care settings are limited to those supporting activities that are of benefit to children’s learning and wellbeing.

  • All visitors should provide active confirmation that they have no symptoms of illness and are not required to self-isolate before entering. They will fill out a Health Screen upon arrival.
  • A list of the date, names, and contact information for all visitors who enter the setting will be kept at the front desk.
  • All adult visitors should wear a mask when in the centre.

How has drop off changed?

Parents will use the Brightwheel App on their phone to sign in their child. Each parent and approved pick up have their own 4 digit code. Parents will fill out the Daily Health Check form in Brightwheel as well. Arrival occurs outside of the classroom. If parents must come in, they must be masked when entering the building. We ask that only one parent per family enter the centre.

  • Take your shoes off before entering the classroom:
    • Parents: please take off your outdoor shoes before entering the classroom. We ask Parents to bring a pair of socks to wear inside the classroom.
    • Children: please put on your child's indoor shoes/slippers—these shoes should be separate from your child's outdoor shoes.
  • Wash your hands:
    • Parents: Please wash/ sanitize your hands.
    • Children: Please wash/ sanitize your child's hands. 

Pick-Up at the Centre:

  • We kindly ask that families come directly from work, instead of going shopping or visiting other businesses. This will help us to keep everyone safe. 

Personal Items:

  • Parents and caregivers are to only bring personal comfort items for your child, such as stuffed animals. At the end of each day, the stuffed animals need to be taken home to be washed

How often will bedding be cleaned?

Our cleaner will disinfect cribs, cots and mats every evening. Each child’s bedding will be kept separate and individually stored in large bags. Cots and mats will be labeled for each child. Bedding will be brought home weekly for cleaning.


Masks are not recommended for any children in child care settings.  Children may wear a mask based on personal or family choice; however, infants under two years of age should not wear  masks as it may make it difficult for them to breathe. Child care staff should supervise and support children to ensure  safe and proper use if masks are worn.

Staff and Masks:  Child care staff and other adults should wear a mask when indoors and interacting with other adults except when 

  • they can consistently maintain physical distance, or 
  • there is a barrier in place, or 
  • eating and drinking

Hand Hygiene:

Hand sanitizing stations will be located outside of each classroom and will include approved sanitizer. Hand soap will be available at all sinks in the classrooms. Children will wash their hands at sinks one at a time. Staff will assist and monitor student hand hygiene as needed.

How often will the school be cleaned and disinfected? What will be cleaned?

Our cleaner will disinfect the entire centre on the evening of each school day. Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned every evening  and disinfected such as doorknobs, light switches, faucets, tables, and counters. Our cleaner will every few hours use our Electrostatic Sprayer on all high contact surfaces  in the centre as an extra cleaning measure. Its solution is 100% biodegradable and Health Canada and EPA approved.